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PHONE:18521727774 (Dr.Li)
          13035488823 (Manager Yu)


ADDress:No. 1188, 1st Xihu Road, Conomic Development Zone, Tongling, Anhui

The human resources

Position type: research and development personnel

Location: songjiang district, Shanghai branch


1. Master degree or above

2. Solid theoretical foundation, excellent experimental ability and data analysis ability;

3. Fluent English is preferred.

4. Major in chemical engineering or materials

5. Diligent and practical, with a strong sense of responsibility and communication skills

Job description:

1. Mainly engaged in the development of new microcapsule products;

2. Responsible for the performance analysis and evaluation of samples, and familiar with the operation methods of related polymer instruments;

3. Scientific and systematic experimental design for experimental process research projects;

Position type: administrative assistant

Location: songjiang district, Shanghai branch


1. Bachelor degree or above,

2. Fluent in Chinese and English in listening, speaking, reading and writing;

3. I am familiar with various office software and can use them skillfully.

4. Careful and thoughtful, enthusiastic, excellent communication and coordination skills, and a positive working attitude

Job description:

1. Responsible for daily administrative affairs of the company, including document management, schedule and travel arrangement of executives, organization and coordination of daily meetings, and arrangement and filing of meeting minutes;

2. Responsible for recording and following up project information of the company;

3. Responsible for the management of the company's public information release platform and the release of public information;

4. Responsible for daily coordination between the company and other departments of the group.


  • TEL:0562-2201260
  • PHONE:18521727774 (Dr.Li) 13035488823 (Manager Yu)
  • FAX:0562-2201260
  • ADDRESS:No. 1188, 1st Xihu Road, Conomic Development Zone, Tongling, Anhui
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